The Tina Ramsay Show Featuring C. Regi Rodgers

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Through years of counseling countless couples, C. Regi Rodgers brings a provocative conversation anytime he is called upon to speak or do an interview. Formerly celebrated as a Pastor, he also authored an internet column entitled “ Rev. Regi’s Recess” which appeared in the Gospel EUR.Venturing to Las Vegas from Philadelphia, the city of “Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection” to Sin City to begin anew after the sudden loss of his father in a car accident in late 2000. He also released his first book and CD titled “PLAYA 2 PRAYA” that same year which he dedicated to his late father.This author is a keen observer of the relationship field, the space where people come out to play. Some play fair, many with hidden agenda’s, most without skill or clarity.

He has appeared as a guest on TCT Network “I’m Just Saying”, Wynn Network “The John Wynn Show”, The Word Network “Heavenly Sent”, TV57 in Atlanta on Atlanta Live, The Mother Love Show, The Tamron Hall Show, IHeart Radio with “Art Chat Daddy Sims”, and other local cable and national radio programming as well. He was also featured in “ENCORE” Magazine. HE is a contributing writer for the #1 Magazine in Las Vegas “MyVegas” Magazine where he writes a full page column on “Dating and Relationships.” He is a radio host on 87.9Heat Fm Charlotte, his show is called “REGI’S RECESS” Real talk Real relationships!

It airs every Wednesday evening 9pm est. He also has a Podcast entitled “ REGI’S RECESS” Real talk Real relationships! This is live streamed every Wednesday on Facebook Live. His latest book is entitled “LOVE AT FIRST SPIRIT”, this also comes with a workbook which is a 21 day challenge for ladies. One is the Ying and one is the Yang. People call him a relationship guru and he is known as the #1 Relationship Coach who gives “Dating From An Expanded Conscious Perspective. ”He is evolutionary and revolutionary. He provides Real talk about Real relationships that expands into contemporary mainstream consciousness. He will be releasing a new book on Dating and Relationships Valentines 2021!To be a guest on our show: https://thetinaramsayshow.com/

Tina Ramsay

Tina Ramsay

Coach Tina Ramsay is a Thought Leader, International Public Speaker, Author, and Founder of Epic Business Leaders. Coach Tina is the Lead eZWay Wall of Fame Trainer, eZWay Associate Producer, and Podcast Specialist. and Certified VCM Coach that focuses on Visibility, Connections, and Monetization to elevate Entrepreneurs. She's the Creator of How To Start a Podcast and Monetize It Class. In addition, She's the Executive Producer & Host of The Tina Ramsay Show which is an IMDB Accredited TV Show that spotlight standout entrepreneurs, celebrity, and influencers.

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