Catching up with Fashion Mingle’s Melissa Shea

Melissa Shea of the Fashion Mingle is on Looking Good with Daniella & T. Coffee, Episode 6. Go behind the scenes of New York Fashion Week. The episode is on their site, and Special VIP membership 50% discount, below.

Meet Melissa Shea, Founder and CEO of Fashion Mingle.
Fashion Mingle is a global network for fashion industry professionals. With over 6000 members  in 100+ categories, Fashion Mingle connects fashion pros to the resources and services they  need in every major city in the world.  

About Melissa 
With over 20 years in the fashion and tech industry, Shea is fueled by a love of learning about  the “next new thing” and has built the first platform to connect local fashion communities in  every major city in the world. 

Shea has managed media teams for New York Fashion Week and was the creator of the official  New York Fashion Week Networking Party, held every season since 2017. Fashion Mingle clients include international fashion and beauty industry professionals, and is known for producing fashion shows with unique themes, such as Times Square Fashion Week, and Covergirl NYFW Designer Popup. Shea loves creating experiential events like NYC Fashion  Industry Tours and Influencers Unscripted, as well as at iconic venues like the Sydney Opera  House and Argentine Consulate. 

Why did you create Fashion Mingle? 
With a background in web development and marketing, a chance meeting with someone  in the fashion industry inspired Shea to build Fashion Mingle. She instantly fell in love  with the wildly creative designers, photographers, models, makeup artists and  hairstylists she met, and as she learned more about their businesses, she quickly  understood how difficult it was to grow a business that would sustain themselves and  their families. As someone who is always looking for solutions to problems, the concept  of Fashion Mingle was born. 

Who should join Fashion Mingle? 
Fashion Mingle has over 6000 members, and 100+ categories of fashion industry  professionals. The idea is to connect everyone in the fashion industry, from the moment  the designer has the concept, all the way through to getting the designs to the customer.  A designer’s collection passes through many hands, from the original sample production, to the Lookbook shoots, and through retail operations. A designer can put together their  entire team, right from our platform.  

Tell us about some success stories? 
One of my favorite success stories, which we call a “Mingle Match”, is when a successful  denim jean designer in Louisville KY reached out because she needed a patternmaker  that specialized in denim and she couldn’t find anyone locally. We were able to connect  her with 10 different companies in 3 different countries. She tried out 2 and was very  happy with her final decision.  

What is the core mission of Fashion Mingle? 
Fashion Mingle’s mission is to solve problems for fashion industry entrepreneurs.  
Fashion Mingle provides networking and educational opportunities to introduce our members to  experts in business, marketing, production, and media. Members have the opportunity to attend  virtual networking events, take courses and workshops, and connect directly with mentors.  

We also provide a full suite of marketing services designed to create a strong foundation for fashion businesses. From digital marketing, website development, and concierge services, we use our global network to connect our clients to the resources they need for success. 

What’s next for the Fashion Mingle?
We’re ready to launch our new service – a jobs portal that will allow our members to post full and  part time jobs, freelance projects, internships, as well as barter and volunteer opportunities. 

The bottom line is that everyone in the fashion industry needs to make money. Fashion Mingle  is providing the platform to make that happen easier, and faster than ever before. 

Do you have any giveaways or prizes?  
Join our VIP Membership for 50% off with code LookingGood 
VIP members enjoy exclusive opportunities to promote products or services and personal  introductions to our trusted network of service providers.  

Members can earn free months as a Featured Member by sharing their affiliate link with their  fashion community.  

Where can people find you?   

  • Follow us on all social networks @fashionmingle  
  • Join us every Friday at 1pm EST for Mingle Mastermind Sessions, a weekly webinar featuring  topics on business development, marketing, and growing a more sustainable fashion industry. 
  • Watch the episode with Melissa Shea on Looking Good with Daniella & T. Coffee, where she talks about behind the scenes of New York Fashion Week and what it takes to build a brand with impact.

Here is a video that promotes our NYFW Networking Party – hopefully back February 2022! 

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