An American Nightmare led Roosevelt Morris to be a Funding Expert for Creatives. Hear the great story. (Who needs a little cash?)

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His wife left. He lost his job.  A Retired US Marine, Funding Expert, Roosevelt Morris Lost Everything and lived in his car.  He made the decision: His American Nightmare was not going to happen to anyone else.

Today, Roosevelt Morris is on a mission to keep businesses in business, for people to chase their dreams – not he money. [He makes access to money sound easy too].

After taking a bath in his car one day, he popped into Goodwill. He ran into a former marine who told him “Sergant Roosevelt, you saved my life, you were in charge we call come home.” He was then offered an opportunity: To learn about investments.

That homeless, car bird-bathing day changed his life.Today, Roosevelt is a recognized funding financial expert, an author, and he’s on a mission to keep American’s in business. No one should suffers the pain he endured to achieve success through his company, 133 Approved Funding Incorporated.   

When you feel there’s no hope, he can provide you with hope.   

We caught up to talk about the “the I can’t afford it syndrome.”  

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What is the “I Can’t Afford It Sydrome?” If someone says I can’t afford it, we provide you a solution for them.  We provide initially with the cash and financing for startups, established businesses,  Doctors, anybody with zero percent financing, up to 20 months. Why? So businesses can stay in business. So you can grow even if you started business yesterday. If you have inventory you you’ve got something with let’s say Marshall Fields, we can help with Accounts Receivables.  That way you don’t go out of business – waiting for the company to pay you.  Continue to build while you wait to get paid.  –> here[ Learn to Pitch & Make Money with my mentor, here

You make it sound easy. Why do you love this business? I see people’s faces go from feeling defeated and having these puffy eyes to hope.  I love to see the blood and the life come back into people when they see that there is hope.

A local pizzeria near here was hit with hard times just before Covid.  If she had not taken funding, she would have to close, loose her house, and everything because she had nothing else to fall back on.Fortunately, that day I went in to get a homemade pizza. When I told that there was a way we could potentially help her, we filled out the application right then and there online she was approved right then. We provide you a solid solution on how to get out and we can help you follow that plan. Within six months to a year you’re out of that problem depending on how big it is. You’re flourishing and prosper because our premise is no business no business should go out of business.  –> How can you get funded? See here

What wisdom do you want to pass along to Creatives & Entrepreneurs?First, manage your credit. Credit can make you or break you or take you out. We have a free guide: how to boost your credit from 100 to 200 points even if your credit sucks – get it here text Looking Good to 26786 to find out if you qualify for funding or to learn more – or click here

Here Roosevelt Morris on the Looking Good Podcast, here

PS today, Roosevelt is reunited with his kids, has a thriving career, and a new wife. Remember you are limitless, anything is possible.

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